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Computer repair shop Coalville, Leicester and Loughborough. Your first and only stop for affordable computer repairs, computer maintenance, malware and virus removal in Coalville and surrounding areas. Are Better PC Repairs the best computer repair service Coalville? Find out today by booking your first PC repair or computer checkup. Our professionally trained computer technicians will diagnose the fault and provide a detailed report with recommendations for further repairs if required.

Computers develop problems that cannot always be solved by the computer user or laptop owner. This  does not mean the fault is always hardware related, but often software related as well. The following are the most common PC repairs we are asked to carry out. This is by no-means an exhaustive list of PC repairs that computer repair shops are asked to solve. In reality, however, many of these computer errors can be attributed to poor practice. There are many actions one can take, such as shutting the computer down using the power button, which will cause knock-on faults and errors.

  • Blue screen of death
  • Missing DLL files
  • Applications running slowly
  • Malware, spyware or viruses
  • Internet or network connectivity
  • Hard drive failures
  • Overheating

Affordable Computer Repair Shop

Computer Repairs

Computer repair Coalville. Call now for desktop or laptop affordable computer repairs in Coalville. Diagnosis fee fully refundable on acceptance of repair quote. Same day turn around if required.

Virus Removal

If you have a virus on your PC or Laptop we can remove it. In most instances we can save your valuable documents, images and videos. Our virus removal techniques result in a 95% success rate.

Computer Upgrades

PC or Laptop running slow? Increase performance substantially with our recommended PC and Laptop upgrades. Tell us your needs and we’ll recommend the best course of action. Call for free advice.

Malware Removal

Malware is dangerous. It can wipe data, spy on your activities and help hackers obtain identifying information. 38% of laptops and PC’s have some form of malware. Get secure, get safe with our malware removal service.

Spyware Removal

Like a virus or malware, spyware is designed to capture your sensitive information. If you think you’ve been compromised, bring your device to us to analyse and fix.

Computer Health Check

If your computer is sluggish, our PC and Laptop health checkup could resolve your problems. A thorough hardware and software analysis is undertaken to identify and repair issues. Your computer, like new.

Computer Diagnosis and Repair


Using state of the art diagnosis equipment, Better PC Repairs will establish the cause of the fault and provide recommendations to complete a full laptop or computer repair Coalville. Providing detailed fixed quotes ensures there are no hidden fee’s for repairing your PC or laptop.

  • Same day and next day repairs for emergencies
  • Loan of desktop PC or Laptop whilst yours is being repaired
  • Free Collection within 10 miles, or deliver 24/7
  • Fixed estimates to avoid expensive hidden extras
  • Desktop PC and Laptop upgrades inc. SSD’s, memory and graphics cards
  • Re-tune service too ensure device is running optimally
  • Security audit for virus’, malware and spyware
  • Dedicated services for small business
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Why Choose Better PC Repairs Coalville?


You want your computer or laptop repaired. You want it repaired quickly, with no fuss and for an affordable price. Where do you go?

  • Awesome laptop and computer repair
  • Affordable PC repair service
  • Years of repair experience and technical expertise
  • Excellent products and home solutions
  • Great reviews and customer praise
  • Great small business solutions
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How Can Better PC Repairs Help?


If you are unable to effect a computer repair yourself then Better PC Repairs in Coalville is on hand to assist. There are a few options open to customers who require our computer repair service. Firstly, one of our trained technicians can come to your home or place of work. This is often the most convenient method of engaging with us. When on-site or at your home, our repair technician will diagnose the fault and provide recommendations for repair. If a straightforward computer repair is required we will fix the fault there and then.

However, if a hardware replacement is required, it maybe we have to bring the computer back to our workshop. The computer repair technician in attendance will advise you further. If, however, parts are not readily available, it maybe we have to return at a later date. In these instances we can either store your computer if we are in possession of it. Alternatively, we can collect it from you at a later date when the part is in stock.

Secondly, you are welcome to bring your computer to our workshop. In this particular instance, we would diagnose the fault and then contact you with recommendations for repair.

Thirdly, we can access your computer remotely if the problem is software related. This is most common for customers who have a monthly service plan with us. However, one-off remote repairs are available. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a monthly service plan for your computers, laptops or netbooks.

Tune Up With Our Computer Health Check


Better PC Repairs will complete a thorough examination of your desktop PC or laptop to ensure it is running at it’s optimum capability. So, what do we check and repair?

  • Malware, Spyware & Virus Detection & Removal
  • Examine Hard Drive for Bad Blocks & Sectors
  • Hardware Testing to Detect Possible Future Failures
  • Install & Configure Operating System Updates
  • Correctly Configure Your Firewall & Intrusion Detection
  • Remove Unnecessary and Outdated Registry Entries
  • Optimise Boot and Load Time Performance
  • Enable & Configure System Restore Points
  • De-fragment & Optimise Hard Drive
  • Update all System Drivers
  • Improve Swap File and Virtual Memory
  • Update all Existing Software
  • Optimise Windows & Start-up Services
  • Update & Configure Service Packs
  • Complete Hardware Diagnostic & Reporting